Les événements

visit to some sites of the Geopak

In implementation of the lined annual program, the Geopark Mgoun Association organized a field visit to some sites of the Geopak ,This visit falls within the framework of the series of visits programmed by the association to the territorial area of the park, which intend to expand the areas of cooperation with various professionals and local actors , in order to prepare a specific work program that will support the efforts made to promote this merging project and make it a fundamental lever for achieving social and economic development. During this visit, the delegation visited the work progress in the Geological Museum of  Azilal, which is one of the mechanisms for the valuation of the Geopark component, as it constitutes a scientific space that will enable the visitors and the researchers to learn about the history of the region and its natural, cultural and touristic features, in which the works have reached their final stage, where it is expected to open its doors Soon in the face of visitors. On the site of Ahensal, Taghya and Teluguit, the association's delegation held a series of meetings with a number of local actors from civil society associations, local cooperatives, representatives of mountain sports associations and owners of tourist shelters, where they were briefed on their efforts and initiatives in the field of warehouse restoration, solidarity economy and the advancement of sports. The mountainous location of Taghya, because of its natural qualifications, attracts fans of mountain and water sports. The delegation appreciated the initiatives adopted by it and under the supervision of the regional authorities, which enabled a strong impetus for local development by exploiting the local advantages and peculiarities of the field and making it a mechanism for development and raising the standard of living of the local population and enabling them to create income-generating activities. These meetings resulted in achieving consensus on concluding partnership agreements between the Geopark Mgoun Association and these bodies in order to create opportunities for joint cooperation and to realize a number of projects of common interest in order to ensure sustainable development in the region in particular and in the territorial area of Geopark Component in general way.